Beast Riders Limited designs, produces, markets, and distributes its unique leather motorcycle riding dog seat system, leather canine goggles, and leather with shearling quilt.

Our products include the patented Beast Rider motorcycle seat for dogs, which is an ergonomic, hand tooled leather with shearling carrier and harness system. It positions your dog directly behind you, the rider, on the passenger seat. This is the only proper place on a motorcycle for a passenger, whether human or animal.

Each Beast Rider is custom built for your bike and your beast.

The K-Noggles are high quality leather and shearling goggles for dogs that have been designed and engineered to fit the K-9 face.


K-Noggles protect your beast’s eyes while riding your motorcycle. What fun would it be if they couldn’t enjoy the scenery too?

Custom made to your dog’s specifications.

Beast Riders

Don’t leave your beast at home. The Beast Rider enables you to bring your best beast friend along for the ride.

All models include safety harnesses and are custom made.